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10. März – Ich bin heute zienlich beschäftigt. Hm, vielleicht gebe ich auch mal ein bisschen Beschäftigung. Also: Wer ist der Fahrer, was für ein Wagen fährt er da wo und in welchem Jahr? (So, das müssste sie für eine Weile beschäftigen 🙂 )

Bin heute zu beschäftigt für Übersetzungen. Das hole ich nach, sobald wieder Zeit dafür ist.



10/3/1925, Giovanni De Riu is born in Macomer, Italy

Giovanni de Riu was an Italian engineer who entered his own Maserati A6GCM in a number of national non-championship races in his home country. He had a go at a World Championship round, the 1954 Italian Grand Prix at Monza and failed dramatically to qualify for the race. His best lap was almost 2 minutes slower than the time Fangio scored pole position with. He remained involved with the sport in an administrative role with the Italian governing body for motor sport, the CSAI. He also headed the commission investigating Jochen Rindt’s fatal accident in 1970. Today he is retired, lives in Milan and still remains close to the sport through a honorary role within CSAI.



10/3/1955, Toshio Suzuki is born in Saitama, Japan

Toshio Suzuki was a very successful single seater driver in his home land Japan when in 1993 – at the age of 38 – he found backing to drive the second Larrousse-Lamborghini in the 2 final rounds of the Formula 1 World Championship, debuting in the Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka. He finished 12th in Japan and 14th in Australia and seemed quite happy to include these achievements in his CV and leave it at that as far as F1 is concerned. Suzuki went on to enjoy a successful career as a Toyota sports car driver in national events. Although he took part in the 2008 edition of the Le Mans 24 hours race, Toshio had actually retired from racing and kept himself busy testing road and racing cars for Nissan as well as running a team in the Japanese Super GT series.



10/3/2003, Ottorino Volonterio dies

Ottorino Volonterio was a Swiss nobleman who kept himself busy as a lawyer in the first place. Calling him a racing driver would perhaps seem a bit exaggerated. Yes, he did drive racing cars. Yet, you can’t say he raced them. In other words: A Gentleman driver who participated in the 1956 German GP with his own Maserati A6GCM , then bought a Maserati 250F and shared the car in the 1957 Italian GP with André Simon and 2 years later, again in Monza, with Giulio Cabianca. But foremost Ottorino seemed busy looking stylish behind the wheel than actually trying hard to go really fast.

Born: 7th of December 1917 in Orselina, Switzerland.
Died: 10th of March 2003 in Lugano, Switzerland, aged 85.

  1. funformula sagt:

    Jonathan Williams, Ferrari, GP Mexico 1967.
    Es war sein einziger GP.
    Williams wurde aufgrund guter Leistungen in der Formel 3 und Formel 2 von Ferrari für dieses Rennen für das GP-Team verpflichtet und wurde als 8. abgewinkt.
    Danach war Williams Test- und Entwicklungsfahrer bei Abarth und de Tomaso und fuhr in der Formel 2, der Markenweltmeisterschaft und der F5000.

  2. Bern sagt:

    Danke für die Aufklärung!

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