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13. Mai- Rubens Barrichello wird in Monaco zu seinem 277. Grand Prix-Start antreten, Juan Manuel Fangio dagegen setzte 1956 an selbigem Ort den Veteranen-Rekord damals auf gerade mal 47 Teilnahmen! Bei diesem Rennen tat Fangio übrigens etwas, was heute undankbar wäre. Was ist gemeint?


13/5/1934, Paddy Driver is born in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A former motorcycle racer of distinction, Driver raced a Lotus 24-BRM V8 to seventh place in the non-Championship 1963 Rand Grand Prix Prix at Kyalami only to upend the car practicing for the South African Grand Prix at East London a fortnight later. He escaped unhurt, but the car was a definite non starter. He returned to two-wheel competition, finishing third in the 500cc motorcycle World Championship in 1965, before switching back to cars seriously in 1968. He drove one more Grand Prix at Kyalami six years later in a Team Gunston Lotus 72 but failed to finish.


13/5/1994, James Duncan Hamilton dies.

Duncan Hamilton had garage owner as primary job description and raced a Talbot-Lago and an HWM in a handful of Championship Grands Prix as an amateur driver. He also won Le Mans in 1953 sharing a works Jaguar C-type with his close friend Tony Rolt. Story has it the two of them had resorted to heavy drinking in a French pub prior to their glorious win, because their car had initially its entry refused. By the time the team managed to rectify the steward’s ix-up, Hamilton and Rolt where already in the „funny-language-mood“ and had to be put into a severe dark coffee and cold shower regime to get them back into shape.

Born: 30th of April 1920 in Cork, Ireland.
Died: 13th of May 1994 in Sherbourne, UK.


13/5/1927, William Archibald Scott-Brown is born in Paisley, Scotland.

Archie Scott-Brown was born with severe disabilities, a result of German measles suffered by his mother during pregnancy, had no proper front forearm and both legs were radically twisted. But Archie had an enormous talent to drive cars very fast. In fact, many who saw Archie race had no idea he had a disability, such was his skill behind the wheel. He teamed up with Cambridgeshire engineer, Brian Lister, to create a very competitive racing team. Archie even took part in one round of the Formula 1 World Championship at the 1956 British Grand Prix at Silverstone in a Connaught B-type. He was badly injured at Spa when his Lister-Jag crashed at the same spot which claimed Dick Seaman’s life in 1939 and died the following day.

Born: 13th of May 1927 in Paisley, Scotland;
Died: 19th of May 1958 in Spa Francorchamps, Belgium, aged 31.


13/5/1960, Henry O’Reilly Schell dies.

Paris-bron Harry Schell inherited as an 18-year-old a racing team called Ecurie Bleu from his late parents and had a first go at Indianapolis in 1940. After the war he was a regular on the very active French racing scene and he made his Grand Prix debut at Monaco in 1950 at the wheel of the first rear-engined F1 car, the Cooper-JAP. In the years that followed he raced Formula 2 machinery for HWM and Gordini, while enjoying his life playboy lifestyle. In the mid-1950s he drove a Maserati and finished second in the Rome GP and third at Aintree.

In 1956 he drove a Vanwall in the French Grand Prix at Reims, where he battled for the lead against a trio of Lancia-Ferraris. In 1957 he drove a works Maserati, finishing third in the Pescara Grand Prix, and produced a career best second place in the 1958 Dutch Grand Prix in a BRM P25. He was also an active sports car racer and in 1956 partnered Stirling Moss, Jean Behra and Maurice Trintignant to victory in a Maserati 300S at the Nurburgring. He stayed with BRM in 1959 but then switched to the Yeoman Credit Cooper team in 1960. On May 13 that year he was killed while qualifying in the wet for the International Trophy non-championship F1 race at Silverstone.

Born: 29th June 1921 in Paris, France;
Died: 13th May 1960 in Silverstone, UK, aged 38.

  1. funformula sagt:

    Er nahm dem Teamkollegen Collins das Auto weg 😉

  2. super7racer sagt:

    Fangio übergab erst sein Fahrzeug an Castellotti und übernahm später den Renner von Collins.

    Undenkbar heute!

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