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13. April – Sorry für die Funkstille und das teilweise Chaos, das hier hier zuletzt herrschte. Ich musste zu einem privaten Notfall eilen und hatte nicht gerade eine lustige Woche. Naja, jedenfalls scheint nun wieder alles im Lot zu sein. Vergangenen Montag stellte ich eine Frage zum abgebildeten Fahrer in Bezug auf das Auto. Nun, ich nehme mal mit obiger Aufnahme die antwort vorweg. Details im Post vom letzten Montag. Und wo sehen wir den guten Kiwi hier mit welchem ungewöhnlichen Auto?



13/4/1940, Mike Beuttler is born in Cairo, Egypt

Michael Beuttler graduated to Formula 1 in 1971 thanks to the sponsoring of a group of wealthy stockbroker friends. Up until 1973 he’d been a constant mid- to back-field in his yellow March, but called it quits at the end of 1973 after Roger Williamson’s horrific accident in Zandvoort. He eventually moved to San Francisco where he died of AIDS in 1988.

Born: 13th of April 1940 in Cairo, Egypt;
Died: 29th of December 1988 in San Francisco, USA, aged 47 years.



13/4/1931, Dan Gurney is born in Port Jefferson, USA

Daniel Sexton Gurney competed for the 1st time in Europe taking part at the 1958 Le Mans 24 hours race. He then set his sight at racing in Formula and became a Ferrari works driver in 1960. It was not until 1962 that he won his first F1 race, now driving for Porsche, in the French Grand Prix. Between 1963 and 65, Gurney drove for Jack Brabham’s F1 team, consistently proving himself a match for Clark and his Lotus whilst repeatedly let down due to trifling mechanical failures. With the advent of the 3-liter F1 regulations in 1966 he started his own team, Anglo American Racers, and won the 1967 Belgian Grand Prix at the wheel of the Eagle-Weslake. Underlining his versatility, Gurney also won Le Mans in 1967, sharing his 7-liter Ford with Indy 500 winner A.J. Foyt.

The AAR teams enjoyed success in the US but struggled in F1 with the Weslake V12 engine and in the middle of 1968 the F1 team was closed down. Gurney’s Eagles went on winning in America until 1981. AAR withdrew from CART in 1986 but enjoyed enormous success with Toyota in IMSA before returning to CART as Toyota’s factory team in 1996. That program has now been terminated. Gurney later developed a motorcycle and in 2002 announced plans to enter an all-American team in F1. All this came to naught but Dan Gurney remains an American motor sport legend.



13/4/1940, Max Mosley is born in London, UK

Max Rufus Mosley didn’t quite make it into Formula 1 as a driver. The closest he got was racing for Frank Williams Formula 2 team alongside Piers Courage in 1968. It must have become apparent that his real talent lay elsewhere and so he joined forces with Robin Herd, Alan Rees and Graham Coaker as co-founder of March Engineering in 1969. The futuristic looking March 701 scored pole on its debut with Jackie Stewart in 1970 and its first win in the Spanish Grand Prix also came through Ken Tyrrell’s top driver. With Ronnie Peterson finishing runner-up in the 1971 World Championship March had already reached its climax in Grand Prix racing, from there on it was mainly about selling cars in other racing series. Nonetheless Mosley must have spotted far bigger potential by getting involved in the commercialll side of things in the running of F1 and became FOCA’s legal consultant, turning a delegate in FISA’s Fcommissionon, selling off his shares in March Engineering to Robin Herd. He brokered the agreement in the rift that had been going on between FISA and FOCA from 1980 to 1982 and the first Concorde Agreement was largely his work. When the dust settled Mosley ventured into other areas, away from motor racing but returned as chairman of the manufacturer’s commission in the FIA in 1986. At the same time he was involved in the creation of a company called Simtek Research in 1989, but sold his shares when he was elected president of FISA in 1991, the motor sports department of FIA, beating Jean-Marie Balestre 43 votes to 29. Among threatening to leave the job if he felt he wasn’t backed up properly, Mosley was re-elected for a mandate of 4 years. In October of 1997 he got confirmed in his position and again in 2001 and 2005. In 2008 Mosley held on to his job despite a well publicized scandal and remains in control till present.



13/4/2000, Arthur Owen stirbt

Arthur Owen war ein auf der Kanalinsel Jersey ansässiger Juwelier, der zunächst bei lokalen Bergrennen Mitte der 50er Jahre von sich reden machte und dann 1957, gemeinsam mit Bill Knight, den voll verkleideten Owen-Knight Streamliner baute. Mit dieser auf einem Cooper Formel 3-Chassis basierenden Flunder stellten die beiden im Juni 1958 gemeinsam einen Rekord auf der Rennstrecke von Montlhéry auf. Arthurs erster Ausflug in ein Formel 1-Startfeld erfolgte 1959 beim nicht zur WM zählenden Gold Cup von Oulton Park, wo er mit dem angemieteten Cooper T51 nicht weit kam, denn er drehte sich nach nur 1 Runde ab. Sein einziger Einsatz bei einem WM-Lauf sollte die Teilnahme am Grand Prix von Italien 1960 in Monza bleiben, wo er seinen eigenen Cooper T45 allerdings schon innerhalb der ersten Runde ablegte. Am Berg war er allerdings in seinem Metier, gewann 1962 gar die Britische Bergmeisterschaft auf einem Cooper-Climax T53. Später zog er sich – als Buchautor und Juwelier zur ruhe gesetzt – von St. Helier, in Jersey in die wärmeren Gefilde der Algarve zurück, kehrte aber im Alter nach England heim. Arthur Owen starb 2000 in seinem Heim in der Grafschaft Buckinghamshire.

Geboren: 21. März 1915 in London, England;
Verstorben: 13. April 2000 in Wexham Street, England, 85 Jahre alt.



13/4/1949, Ricardo Zunino is born in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Ricardo Zunino had his Formula 1 debut in the Aurora Series, a national championship run in Britain at the time, driving a McLaren/Cosworth M23. Later in the year, a week before the last round of the Aurora series, he returned across the Atlantic and was in Montreal for the Canadian GP as a spectator and – in a stroke of luck – ended up replacing Niki Lauda who decided during free practice that he was tired of „driving in circles“, and promptly retired. Zunino was lucky enough that his manager Hector Staffa, formerly Carlos Reutemann’s manager, was quick to put his man in touch with Bernie Ecclestone. He drove for Brabham in 1979 continuing with the team until the middle of the following year when he was replaced by Mexican Hector Rebaque. Ricardo went on to drive for Tyrrell in the 1981 Brazilian and Argentine Grands Prix before giving way to Michele Alboreto. Thereafter he retired from racing to focus on running a hotel complex in his native San Juan, at the foot of the Andes.

  1. novion sagt:

    Chris Amon ist beim GP Kanada 1973 in Mosport mit einem Tyrrell-Ford 005 unterwegs!?!?!

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