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17. März – Ich habe den Eindruck, die letzten Quiz-Fragen waren vielleicht doch zu einfach. Dann mal eine knifflige: Bitte Fahrer, Auto, BEWERBER, sowie Jahr und Ort der Veranstaltung angeben. Viel Spass 😀

Unverändert mit Allerlei beschäftigt, also auch heute keine Übersetzungen. Aber die Meisten sind in Zeiten der Globalisierung ja wohl der englischen Sprache kundig. Wenns die Zheit erlaubt, übersetze ich wieder. Grüssle



17/03/1932, Frederick Gamble is born in Pittsburgh, USA

Fred Gamble was a hobby driver and one of the key foundation Camoradi team, owned by former airline pilot Lloyd „Lucky“ Casner. After moderate success in US sports car racing Camoradi set up a Formula 1 team at the end of 1959 and Fred finally got behind the wheel in the 1960 Italian Grand Prix, driving a Behra-Porsche Formula 2 special. Funny enough his 10th place finish, despite running out of fuel, would remain the team’s best result ever. After Camoradi ceased its operation, Fred went to work with Carroll Shelby in the US and later took up a job as Goodyear’s first European racing manager and remained with the tire company for a long time. He’s since retired to his home in Colorado and stills attends historic motor sport events.



17/03/1952, Sergio Rinland is born in Argentina

Sergio Rinland began his international career designing the PRS Formula Ford cars that took Stefan Bellof to 2 consecutive titles in the German series. He came to Formula 1 though John McDonald’s RAM team in 1983 before moving on to Williams and then Brabham, where he joined John Baldwin and David North to design the Brabham-BMW BT56. After a stint at Scuderia Italia. Rinland then returned to Brabham, which had been taken over by Joachim Luhti and stayed there until it closed down in 1992. The Argentine engineer then established his own design company called Astauto. This employed many of the Brabham staff and produced a car for Gabriele Rumi’s Fondmetal F1 team. Unfortunately the new car appeared only a few times before the team was closed down. Rinland then went to the United States and worked with Dan Gurney’s All American Racers on the design of the Eagle-Toyota IndyCar before returning to Europe to become Technical Director of the Forti Corse Grand Prix team at the start of 1995. This lasted for just a couple of months before he moved on to work for Keke Rosberg’s Opel team in the German Touring Car Championship. At start of 1996 he joined Benetton as the senior composite design engineer and remained at Enstone until the end of 1999 when he was named chief designer at Sauber. That role lasted just a year and he moved to Arrows where he stayed until the team closed down in 2002. Since then he has accomplished his MBA and focused on his companies Astauto and TotalSim.

  1. funformula sagt:

    Dem Helm nach zu urteilen ist es eindeutig Bob Bondurant.
    Auto sieht nach Ferrari aus, aber nicht in den Werksfarben.
    In Frage kommt der GP USA 1965 an dem Bondurant mit der Startnummer 24 unter Bewerbung von NART (North American Racing Team) teilnahm und das Rennen als 9. beendete.

  2. grandprixinsider sagt:

    Alle Achtung! Das war, ohne jegliche Tipps, nicht so einfach.

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