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7. Juni – Wer fährt hier was für ein Auto und wie kam es dazu?


7/6/1927, Charles de Tornaco
is born in Brussels, Belgium.

The son of twenties racer Baron de Tornaco was killed in a Ferrari 500 F2 car during practice for the non-championship 1953 Modena GP.

Born: 7th of June 1927 in Brussels, Belgium;
Died: 19th of September 1953 at Modena circuit, Italy, aged 26.


7/6/1989, Francisco Sacco Landi dies.

Chico Landi was the son of an Italian father and Brazilian mother and after successfully racing in his native Brazil, went to Europe as the first South-American in search of a career as racing driver. Winning the 1948 Bari Grand Prix stands out as greatest achievement. At the 1951 Italian GP he become the first Brazilian to race a Ferrari in Formula 1, although at the wheel of a privately entered Ferrari 375. Only occasionally participating in World Championship rounds, Chico finally scored points finishing fourth at the 1956 Argentine Grand Prix, sharing a Maserati 250F with Gerino Gerini, six laps down from race winners Fangio and Musso. After retiring from racing he assumed the administration of the Interlagos race track up until 1988, a year before his passing.

Born: 14th of July 1907 in São Paulo, Brazil;
Died: 7th of June 1989 in São Paulo, Brazil, aged 81.


7/6/1934, Peter Monteverdi is born in Basel, Switzerland.

A Swiss automaker and creator of the automobile brand Monteverdi, Peter was also quite a competent hill climb racer in his days. From 1952 on he produced his own cars under his name and, in 1961, built the first Swiss Formula 1 car – and drove it, too. The MBM (Monteverdi Basel Motors) was actually a Formula Junior car with a strengthened chassis and an engine he had transplanted from a brand new Porsche RSK. Monteverdi bought the Onyx Formula 1 team late in 1989 and renamed it Monteverdi-Onyx for the 1990 season. The team survived only until the 10th race of the 16-race season before closing down.

Born: 7th of June 1934 in Basel, Switzerland;
Died: 4th of July 1998 in Binningen, Switzerland, aged 64.

  1. Ivan-MS sagt:

    Roberto Moreno, Jordan, 1991. GP Portugal?

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